Yes, you Can!

 know how hard it is the first weeks of a newborn baby’s life, especially for moms. Sometimes, there is so much to deal with that we can’t figure out things such as a “Newborn Photo Session”. But believe, if you contact me when you are pregnant, I will make it easy for you to reach that goal of having Newborn Photos in a beautiful, warm and safe space for mother and baby. Even siblings. Try me! But if not, if you could make it in time, but yet  there is hope. Keep reading this and you will see. 

For some mothers, there are so many obstacles after the birth such as bedridden from C section, not being able to even have time to take a shower, your whole body has changed and you haven’t adapted yet, for so many reasons….. I could go on and on. 

It’s okay!  

Believe me I get it, as a Trained Postpartum Doula and a Certified Birth Doula I have seen many moms in this situation.

Some moms wish they had done newborn photos. Everyone loves those swaddled sleeping angel photos. But they couldn’t do it. 

I am here to help you if you missed the 10 day window. You can still have amazing photos.

You probably won’t have those sleep photos as babies with 10 days of age. But you can have an image like this one!

 Let’s be honest, most moms don’t even have time to eat during the first 10 days after birth.

Do you know that from the doctor’s perspective they consider a newborn baby up to two months. So yes, you can have beautiful photos. And I am here to help you. 

Are you hesitant to be in the photos with your baby?  Of course, it’s always your choice, but it’s a priceless gift to your child to capture the memory of their mother holding them as a baby.  This photo may be something that they cherish in years to come. 

There is always time to register this special “mom and baby” photo session. They will grow so fast that you won’t regret investing in this kind of photo session.

Call now to book your “mom and baby” photo session.