She was full of energy and always had a big smile on her face. She came to me asking me where I was from? She heard my accent and mention that she have been to Brazil, where I am from, and she loved there. Instantly, we connected. Linda told me about her travels to lots of different places and how she was about to visit her 100th country this year. What and amazing accomplishment. Her excitement and love for adventure inspired me and I decide to create a Project called ” Celebration of Life” , a women portrait of all ages, I asked her if she would like to model for me, and she accepted.   We booked the photoshoot for the day of her 82nd Birthday. What a special day we had together. 

Her laughter was infectious and hearing her talk about her adventures was so inspiring. You could see in her smile that she is living a rich life, and that’s exactly what “Celebration of Life” is all about.

Here are a few of the special moments we captured during the shoot. These pictures not only show how beautiful aging can be, but also how strong and resilient people are as they grow older.

Celebrating 30 Photo Session
celebrating life photos

Embrancing Consciouness

During the shoot, I noticed how self-aware and confident Linda was. She embraced herself just as she is, and it was an honor to capture that in my photos.


Thinking back on my time with Linda, I’m reminded of how photography can celebrate the beauty of people of all ages. Linda’s journey shows that beauty isn’t just about being young—it’s about embracing life and being true to yourself.

You could see the joy and thankfulness in her eyes as she looked through the camera lens, embracing aging with happiness and dignity.

Linda’s story teaches us that beauty comes in many forms. Through my photography, I hope to empower women like Linda to embrace their uniqueness and share their stories with the world. I still have to photograph women in their 90’s and 100’s. 

Have you ever been inspired by someone like Linda? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Thanks for joining me on this journey of inspiration and empowerment.

Elaine Freitas