We met Elaine for a family photo shoot, and both the experience of working with her and the resulting images were wonderful. Elaine is skilled at finding the light that will make a photo come out beautifully and has an eye for a nicely balanced composition. On top of that, Elaine is so warm and kind that she made us feel instantly comfortable and had my kids smiling at her in no time. The proofs were ready really fast for us to view. Thank you Elaine for this great experience.

Laurène Hummer

“Elaine was referred to us by another newborn photographer who took my first son’s pictures. In my first interaction with Elaine I was very impressed with her experience, kindness and flexibility. When arriving for our session I was overwhelmed with the comfort of her studio and how at ease she made us all feel. The time we spent with her flew by and my little one was so peaceful with Elaine, she has the magic baby touch. Our photos were exquisite and we will be using her for additional family photos in the future.”

Sarah Reynolds

From the first moment I was on the phone with Elaine, I never expected to find such a caring, dedicated person, and as dear as her. I had the opportunity to do several sessions with her, where in each session she recorded the most important moments of mine and my family’s life. The maternity session was absolutely wonderful, the place she chose, the sunset, the adventure we spent together and the photos she took looked beautiful. The second session we did was a very special session to me, it was a session that some people might find it superfluous and unnecessary, but for me this session was a session that I will forever remember even when I am no longer here, which was the birth of my daughter Sofia. I always dreamed of being able to record this moment but I did not know how to find the right person that I would fell comfortable enough to let her participate in such an intimate moment in my life. After I met Elaine and had several conversations on the phone I knew she would be the perfect person. From the first seconds when Elaine arrived at the hospital she made me super calm, she brought with her a sense of peace, serenity, calmness and security and that was what I needed the most at the time. And from that moment on she was not just a photographer but a friend, and I felt super comfortable with her. During the long hours she spent with me that night, during all the wonderful moments and all the difficult times I experienced, she recorded every moment. Moments and details that at the moment in the middle of so much happiness and of so much pain you forget them. The adrenaline is so high that your brain can not process and keep everything that is happening at that time, and you miss and forget those precious moments if she wasn’t there to register them. The photos she took are beautiful and perfect they tell the story of what happened that night every moment of the birth of my daughter. It was a magical moment that today I can relive it every time I see each photo or watch the video that Elaine made with so much love for me. The third session was when she came to my house, to take the newborn photos of Sofia, this day we had the opportunity to be with Elaine once again, she came from so far with so much care, calm and patience to register Sofia’s first week. The photos looked beautiful, so delicate and made with such patience, love and care. Our experience with Elaine was wonderful, we found not only an exceptional photographer, but also a friend that we will forever have in our lives. It has been a pleasure to work with you, and may God continue to illuminate your steps, your work, this wonderful person that you are, and that you continue to be very successful! Thank you so much for all your work and all the care you had with me and my family.

-Stefanie de Oliveira

We had an amazing experience with Elaine as she photographed our family for the holidays. She managed adorable smiles out of my sleepy 2 month old and even made my husband not hate the process. She was efficient and easy to work with. The photos are beautiful and were provided quickly. We will certainly use Elaine again as our little boy grows and highly recommend her to others.

Michelle Norris

“Having Elaine photograph our newborn baby girl was such a pleasure! She made us feel very welcomed in her home studio. We never felt pressed for time and truly felt she went above and beyond. The photos came out beautifully!! We highly recommend her!!”

Kelly Ratliff