Hello! Happy Saturday! 
Hope you all are doing well and staying safe! Today I’ll be sharing a little bit about how I have slowly started photographing again and the precautions I have been taking and some pictures from my most recent newborn session which will hopefully brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face! 
With everything that has been going on with the global pandemic, I know that many families have wanted to do newborn sessions, family portraits, and so on but have been afraid to do so because of Covid-19. I can assure you all that even though we are in a tricky situation, we can all still work together so I can capture beautiful pictures of everyone!
To start off, for newborn sessions, I am only doing them at the client’s house not only to make it easier for the family but also to make it so that I’m not putting the baby and family at risk by making them leave their house. The entire time, I am socially distanced from the whole family, am wearing a mask and gloves, and taking every other possible precaution so that no one is at risk and stays safe during the time that we are together. With outdoor sessions, the process is a little different as we have the opportunity to go to different destinations or even have the session at the client’s house if that’s what they prefer.
Moving on to this wonderful newborn session, this is a great example of how I’ve been working with clients to have a great shoot while being safe! Before going to the client’s house, I sanitized all the props that I would be bringing with me  (you can see a video on my Instagram to see how I prepare my props before every session @elainefreitasphotography). Once arriving, I made sure the family knew that I would be staying a safe distance from the baby and the rest of the family while wearing my mask and gloves! This little baby girl was so cute and so quiet which made the session super easy as I was able to direct the dad and brother to help me pose the baby and get some wonderful pictures! I won’t be able to pose the baby at every session as it can sometimes be challenging due to the baby having a good or bad day but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to capture great images. I try to work as much as the baby allows us to! We are living in a very uncertain and scary time, but we can’t forget to cherish moments like this that will never be the same, babies grow too fast! So if you are interested in getting more info on newborn sessions or are ready to schedule one (yay!), you can email me at elainefas@gmail.com or call me at (978)427-5199. Enjoy the short video I created with the images from the session!