Want to have in-Home Newborn Photos? 

Now, I have a solution for you!

A studio that feels like home.  And you don’t have to clean it!


The hassle of getting the house ready is not necessary anymore. I used to do lifestyle Newborn Photoshoot at people’s homes and now that I have everything in the studio, like a warm, clean, big space where parents can just sit on the couch and relax while they see their newborn being photographed. Parents don’t have to stress about it. Two weeks ago I got a call from a client asking me to do a in-home newborn because she thought would be easier to do at her house, once she learn about everything that I have here at the studio, she changed her mind and she did her baby newborn photos here at the studio. 

I chose this location specifically to cater to the comfort of new mothers and young families.  I know what it’s like to be postpartum, carrying the infant bucket seat, while balancing a diaper bag bursting at the seams.  Add in a toddler or two and it can feel nearly impossible to leave the home.

concord Newborn photographer

What does a new mom really want? Easy parking, an elevator for the stroller, hot cup of coffee, and a fun activity for her children so she can rest on a comfy couch and get beautiful photos of her newborn baby.

You won’t find another studio in Concord like this one.

A grandmother walked in the studio and said “ this feels like home”.

Oh, did you know that grandmothers are welcome in the photoshoot?

Is it so important to have a generation’s portrait? Like the photo below!

If you know anyone who is pregnant and would love to have a Maternity or Newborn Photo Session, please send this Blog to them. 

 Come visit us in the Concord Office Center at 2352 Main, Suite 200, Concord – MA and it has a lot of parking space and an elevator (perfect for the stroller). Inside my studio, I have a private room for changing, also for mothers to feed their babies and change them, a kitchen, I will make a coffee if you like, have some snacks, I also have a Kids space with coloring books, crayons, toys that they can chill. 


So, if you haven’t met me yet and would love to come to my studio and have a conversation about your Newborn Photo session, I am here to welcome you for a coffee meeting to get to know you and chat about your needs. 

By the way, if you haven’t followed my social media I would love you to be part of my world.

Thanks for reading this!

Elaine Freitas