A moment to

be remembered

Best memories with family at the beach

Sunrise and Sunset has a spiritual feeling for me. When the sun kisses your face you can feel God’s warmth like it hugs you.

I am a person of faith who believes that God creates this painting in the sky every single day for us to appreciate and that it has an impact of  peace and love.

Everything about water, sun and light has an enchanted quality. The light of these magical times of day as the sunlight reflects off the water creates the most beautiful backdrop for family portraits. 

When I am at the beach,  I can feel the ocean smell in my blood, and I can’t help but to create ART!

Are you a Beach lover too? Do you have cherished memories of family time spent at the beach?

Imagine having art in your house that captures the joy and love your family shares?

beach photo session
beach photo session of baby girl
beach photo session of kid boy
beach photo session of babies and mommies

Beach Family time

 I will provide you with beautiful images of your family experiencing the joy of being at the beach. I will preserve the memories of your time with your kids on a SUMMER BEACH at sunrise or sunset. These images are memories that you and your kids will cherish forever. They are memories that will be framed in your home and they will  be the spark of beautiful stories shared 20 and 30 years from now.

Beach photo session of two babies
beach photo session of elaine Freitas photographer


Do I need to describe my happiness when I am at the beach?

Like people say an image speaks a thousand words.

That is me, the photographer!

My friend, Vanessa Lara did this amazing photoshoot of me at my happiest place, the beach!

So to me, combining beach, family, love and work is a great match!


Don’t worry about getting the perfect pose, I will play with your kids. I will run with them and they will listen to me. We will get them to be themselves. And, that is when the magic happens.

I will capture these special moments of family beach time for you.

Are you ready to leave a legacy to your kids?

beach photo session of family sunset

We had to wake up the kids very early, still dark to be able to be at the beach by sunrise, the little one was a little cranky, but Elaine was so playful and calm with the kids that they warmed up to her. They had a great time laughing, playing with us and Elaine took the best pictures ever.  Now we have a frame of the moment hanging in our living room and we will cherish it forever.

Lafa and Juliette

Beach Photo Family Photographer of mom and daughter


I aim to give you a relaxing experience. 

Rather than to forcing your kids to pose, we will take our time and allow them to warm up.

There’s no rush and no pressure! 

I am booking only one session a day.

You won’t feel rushed along for the next client, but space is limited. 

I know you may have questions about clothing, location, and the best time for your family’s session. Don’t worry, we will have a Pre-consultation call and I will answer all of your questions. 

I got you!  Do you have more questions?

Beach Photo Family Photographer mom and daughter
beach photo session mom and daughter sunset
Beach Photo Family Photographer
Beach Photo Family Photographer
Beach Photo Family Photographer

Elaine is the best. We did our family beach session with two teenagers and she made us all so comfortable that we couldn't believe we had a great time. We have a huge wall art in our house to remember that time together. It is priceless. Her calm and confidence guided us in a very beautiful family portrait.

– Vanessa lara

Beach photo family photographer sunset