Senior Photos

Senior photos are so important, it is a moment so special at a young age, ONE TIME in life, one moment not to be forgotten. They will treasure them later in life!

One thing I really focus on is to boost the senior’s confidence in their beauty. This is my mission as a photographer, I believe if you do the right way and show them how beautiful they are they will love their images. Having a PHOTOGRAPHER for their portraits is very different than all the selfies they take. Some seniors never think they are beautiful, after our session, they love their images.

We talk about clothes to wear, we look for their best interest and try to match to a place with the best lighting. a whole process is done before the photo shooting.

If you know anyone that would love to have their senior photos or even before or after, young adult fall in this category too, please share this post and share my name.

Thank you for reading and enjoy this beautiful girl I photographed in July 2020