What would it take to have a family portrait made? 

It would take a lot of planning a location, clothing, trying to figure out who would be the photographer, a lot to thinking.. Would it be it worth it?

Sometimes many moms ask this question and we are not even talking about the day of the photo session where we need to get the kids to cooperate, do our makeup and hair done which would be the last thing we would do after having everyone ready and sometimes it is not even right. All this stress, we get tired of just thinking, right? 

But after all the storm and the session is done, when we see the photos and look at them, it is all worth it! 

I am saying this because I am a mom and every year I struggle to make this family photo happen. I feel you! But I am telling it is all worth it. Having photos of my family and see the kids to grow older, us too, it is a gem. 

As a photographer, I make the time of the shooting easier on you.  I play, I run, I make jokes and kids will listen to me.  I‘ve had moms asking me how do I get the kids to cooperate and my answer is “ I love kids and I am not their moms”. 

To give you an example of a fun, relaxed and beautiful family photo session, even with rain we manage to have fun and register this lovely family!  Enjoy!