I recommend contacting me in the third trimester to get things set up.  The best time to take those precious sleeping newborn photos is within 7-10 days of birth.  That’s a short window!  So let me know as soon as the baby is born and we’ll get your session scheduled within the first week. 

What’s so special about the 7-10 day window?  In the very earliest days, newborns sleep almost constantly.  This makes for an easier time swaddling them and posing them into those adorable classic newborn photos.

By the second week, they become much more alert – and it’s harder to pose and wrap the baby. 

I’ve had parents that didn’t know this, and  scheduled for the baby’s second week.  By then, the baby was more aware and definitely curious about the ambient lights, sounds, and touch. 

So I’ve had babies that were so curious that they didn’t sleep at all, no matter what we did!  Which is totally ok,  I will take the photos anyway, with the baby awake, and sometimes I get great expressions from the baby, which is so cute!

But if you want those unique sleeping newborn photos, I would recommend planning ahead and calling me right after the baby is born. I have an amazing warm studio with all the props, or I can bring my studio to you, so you can remain comfortable in  your own home. 

I am here to help you remember this moment in your baby’s life that goes so fast and it is priceless!